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Online Baccarat

Baccarat an old card game that remains relevant today. To this day there are several versions of its origin. Some believe that it originated in Spain and other homeland baccarat consider France. It is believed that the name of the game comes from the Italian word «baccarat», which translates as "zero". The French believe that the origins of the game has its origins in the French town of Baccarat. There is also a hypothesis that the founder of the game was Italian Felix Flagon and played while using a deck of tarot cards.

Table games big enough, so it goes to the casino in the designated areas. The table during a game can be present simultaneously 14 players and 3 dealer. To play use 6 or 8 decks, where each of 52 cards. Its aim is to set points. The maximum number of points - 9. Consequently, players strive to get closer to 9. Directly play two: the player and the dealer, while the other members put on a player who, in their opinion, the most points.

Most winning combination of 2 cards is a total of 9 points, and it is called "natural." Retain their value cards from 2 to 9, while the King, Queen, Jack and Ten are set to zero. Wherein Ace is 1. It happens that the combination of cards exceeds 9 points. Then it must be deducted from the 10 points to a residue that does not exceed 9. For example, the player has a combination of 6 and 9 points in total - 15. Subtract 10 points, we obtain 5. Such points will be the player.

Baccarat strategy games are varied, but there is a general tacit recommendation is to minimize the casino advantage is better to put on the dealer, since statistically he wins more often. As for betting on a draw, so they better not do that because the casino advantage in such a case can reach 14%. The game continues to gain popularity to this day. Besides now play Baccarat online is possible and the online casino.

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